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The power of gratitude and being thankful and blessed everyday ,must be the same feeling as winning the lottery. WHY?

Because you woke up this morning in perfect health ,you have freedom of choice on how you live your life. You can breathe the fresh air, you are surrounded by loved ones and you are in living in a home of your choice. Today is the best day of your life for the simple things you take for granted, enjoy, embrace the feeling of good health ,wealth and prosperity .

You are free to choose you how you start your day on a positive note in love, peace and gratitude or a negative mindset complaining about everything and anything.

Be grateful for waking up in a positive mindset and appreciate everything around you from the beginning to the end your day. Your day will flow smoother and people around you will mirror how you are feeling .Being in gratitude has a positive effect on your mental ,physical and emotional health as you have value and respect for people ,places and situations.

When you feel gratitude it helps you overcome negative thinking as you realise how lucky and blessed you are by focusing on you have rather than what you don't have.

Everyday is a brand new day to start again and be thankful for the simple things that you have and that you take for granted:

Fresh clean water.

Fresh clean air.

Fully Functional body

Family and friends

Being out in Nature

Freedom of choice

Warm and comfortable home

Be in a place of gratitude everyday and be happy and positive .Be grateful for every bit of good that comes to you.

Love your life.

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