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Love yourself and feel worthy of loving yourself first.

If you don't love yourself,you cannot except others to love you.

Do you always put others first?

Are you afraid to say No?

Do you always want to please others?

Put yourself first,love yourself and feel worthy enough to say no.

Pamper yourself,be kind and gentle with yourself.

Treat yourself just as you would treat others

Respect yourself to say no and have time for you.

Tell yourself how amazing you are.

You are perfect in every way and you are here for a purpose.

Share your unique gifts with the world and love your life.

Say positive,loving things to yourself and you will become what you say.

Let go of fearful and negative thoughts,love yourself,please yourself and put yourself first.

Love you,for you and be yourself.

You are beautiful on inside as well as on the outside.

Believe in you and have a loving relationship with yourself.

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