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Look within and see the person you really are.

Not the physical and the emotional ,but the spiritual light that shines within you.

Your beauty from inside and out, feel the beauty, feel the joy, embrace what you have.

Know how special you are and that you are the light that shines out of the darkness.

Look within and see the beauty of creation ,the wonders of the world and the beauty that surrounds you .

Be grateful for your physical being and existence ,celebrate your life as a journey of discovery.

Look within and see who you really are, for you are pure love who is willing to share your knowledge ,your gift that comes from within.

Listen to the inner voice that guides you towards your dream life and gives you the confidence to succeed.

For everything you need to know comes from within and all you have to do is trust ,believe and have faith.

Look within and be grateful for being you ,the beautiful ,unique ,amazing person that you are.

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