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Listen to your heart, listen to your intuition to get the answers you are looking for.

All of our paths are individual and unique.

You live and you learn,

You love and you grieve,

You forgive and you are forgiven,

You laugh and you cry.

You are on your own journey ,with your own light that shines out from within, that guides you on your path. That gives you the knowledge ,wisdom, guidance and clarity to live your life.

Your life is a journey with lessons along the way that lets you grow and shine.

You find peace and tranquillity along the way. Gives you the strength when you are weak. You are unique with a gift to share with the world.

Listen from within and let your light shine, live a life of love. Open your heart to love and light. Be free to be the person you want to be and trust the guidance you are given.

Release the fear and have the faith that is within you. That keeps you safe.

Be happy ,healthy and wealthy with the beauty that surrounds you and is within you.

Believe and trust in yourself for anything is possible.

Be the light that shines out of the darkness and sparkle.

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