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HAPPY International WOMEN'S DAY

Celebrate being a women today and fill yourself with pride and joy.

For this moment in time today should be celebrated in style.

Look how far we have come with our determination and strength.

The courage we show to our littles ones as they continue to grow.

Our love is limitless and is shared with everyone.

For we love with an open heart and always receive love in return.

Our beauty is outstanding from outside to within as we shine our light wherever we may go and never let it dim.

Empowerment and bravery is something we own, which makes us stronger to be independent and free.

We are all mothers, daughters and sister's to everyone around us who love and cherish all that we are.

We have and deserve the greatest respect for we overcome fears that never hold us back.

To all the beautiful women all over the world hold your heads high, feel proud and let the feminine power flow .

Embrace every moment with belief and trust because you are worthy and are good enough.

Let us all live, laugh and love and show the world how good it is to be a woman today

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