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Writing by the Water

Story of Maggie Matthews Author


How trauma can change your life overnight. Everything that you take for granted is gone. Daily routines, friends and family, freedom and independence. My writing was a healing and therapeutic experience and I wanted to share my experience, to inspire, help, support others going through a similar situation.

You can be a survivor and not stay a victim. Be proud of how far you have come. Letting go of the past, forgiving yourself and others, and learning to love yourself again.

Believing in yourself and realising how strong, brave and courageous you are.

Taking back control of your life and living the life you have always dreamed of .

By having the right support and time being the greatest healer to become you again.

Regain your identity and start to live the life of your choice .Letting go of negative thoughts ,beliefs and habits that someone else has put on you. Become positive ,happy ,confident and free ,learning to live again .Change your thoughts from negative to positive and you can change your life. Positive mindset leads to a positive healthy way of life .

Never give up and keep that fire burning... You are a survivor. . 


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